I've had the pleasure of working with Bob Lloyd in my Design Thinking and Quality Excellence roles at Verizon since 2015. I admire his impressive spate of professional experiences in industry, the sheer breadth of technical acumen possessed, and the genuine passion he displays for enlivening the classroom environment. In fact, Bob's ability to transform business environments through knowledge sharing techniques in complex organizations and large institutions is amongst the most prolific I've encountered in my 30 years in the corporate world.

More importantly, what sets Bob Lloyd apart from so many talented practitioners is twofold. First, he's able to weave diverse problem-solving and creative exploration techniques into working, symbiotic constructs - which is no easy feat considering the sophisticated types of products and service experiences his parent organizations must solve. He maintains a very "big picture" approach to developing innovative platforms and ideas that seek to balance fiscal, logistical, operational, precise customer needs, and more. His problem-solving palette has an extraordinary range in my opinion.

Finally, Bob's inquisitive nature and desire to execute with professional excellence is amplified by an engaging personality; he demonstrates passion and inner conviction in everything he does. He's entrepreneurial, never backs away from a challenge, and can expound his beliefs and position with both grace and confidence. Bob's skills and capabilities are of immense value in today's dynamic marketplace.

Ron Elowitz, Design Management professional and university educator

Bob Lloyd was one of the early pioneers of leading Six Sigma as both an instructor and mentor. He was well received and well skilled in teaching the more advanced courses including Design of Experiments, Design for Manufacturing / Assembly, Quality Function Deployment, and others.
Bob led, sponsored, and judged Six Sigma Total Customer Satisfaction teams. Bob oversaw engineers and insured their success use of design tools. Bob also led feasibility studies for new products through assessment of customer needs (VOC, QFD, and conjoint analysis), reliability requirements, human factor engineering, and advanced fabrication technologies.
Bob was involved in community activities such as the Palm Beach County Math and Science Academy that had a positive influence on the academic pursuits of many students in the County and was recognized by parents as a difference maker. He was also chairman of the South Florida Science Museum.
Overall Bob made significant contributions both within and outside of Motorola.
Ed Popovich, President Sterling Enterprises International and Sterling Academy, former Business Operations Leader at Motorola

I worked with Bob on a number of enterprise-wide rollouts including his consulting in delivering and designing Motorola University's Quality curriculum, leadership of the Paging Products Group Technical Ladder, and his community involvement designing a successful Palm Beach County Math & Science Academy for aspiring young engineers and supporting the South Florida Science Museum. Bob excels in his ability to develop and mentor others and has outstanding interpersonal, leadership, and technical skills.

Tom Land, Corporate Executive Coach and Leadership Development Consultant, former Director of Training at Motorola


Bob Lloyd and I worked together for three years at Ocwen Financial. During that period, Bob managed the corporate Six Sigma program. Bob is a bright, articulate and motivated professional. He quickly understood our business processes and provided meaningful process improvement input and oversight. Bob is a valuable asset to any organization.

Russ Bulman, VP Corporate Controller, former Director of Finance at Ocwen Financial


Bob is an energetic leader, committed to working cooperatively across business sectors to identify common needs, benchmark best practices, and drive creative institutional improvements. His work in institutionalizing the 1-Week ALT across the communications sectors and co-founding the Motorola Corporate Reliability Council saved a large amount of money for the corporation, estimated to be in hundreds of millions

Michele Boulanger, Faculty member at Rollins College, former VP Digital Six Sigma at Motorola


Bob was responsible for Six Sigma project implementation and its knowledge dispersion within Ocwen, this involved also training a vast amount of employees in India on six sigma and then keeping a close eye on their implementation projects. As a manager of Training and Development I found that Bob had unparallel experience and knowledge in his area of expertise, he managed a planned, well communicated, and interactive and goal-oriented training that has today contributed to a range of six sigma practitioners at Ocwen India as well as a host on completed and on-going projects.

Clive Van Buerle, CXO Level HR Professional at Global SaaS Product Firm, former Manager of Training & Development at Ocwen



As a Master Black Belt and Director of Six Sigma, Bob was the “go-to” guy in Ocwen Financial. His winning attitude embraced all challenges and encouraged collaboration. Bob is a true “team player” that draws the best out of every person, promotes talent and shares successes. He is a very effective leader and he clearly communicates expectations to better improve performance of project teams. While his strong work ethic has ensured many successes in his career, Bob is a generous, loyal, positive individual who is devoted to his family, friends and co-workers.
Brian F. Fennell, Former ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt at Ocwen Financial

Bob was largely responsible for generating the momentum needed for the adoption of Design Thinking at Verizon.  He developed very innovative ways to teach and enable the organization to do Customer Journey maps.

In addition to the typical methods used in Design Thinking to explore and understand customer needs, Bob is highly skilled in the application of advanced customer research techniques such as Kano and Conjoint analysis to quantitatively assess customer preferences. During our time at Verizon, I saw Bob amplify the impact of Design Thinking by integrating; in the most seamless way I had seen, methods and tools from other frameworks in his human-centered design and innovation work.

Bob supports and advances the thinking of those around him. It was a pleasure to have worked with Bob. I learned a lot by watching him in action...

Jose Mateo, Versatile Leader w/ expertise in Strategy Formulation, Design Thinking, Research, IT and Shared Services Optimization.