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Available for Keynote Speaking, Technical Conferences, Corporate Retreats, TEDx Presentations

Bob's ability to transform business environments through knowledge sharing techniques in complex organizations and large institutions is amongst the most prolific I've encountered in my 30 years in the corporate world...  Bob's inquisitive nature and desire to execute with professional excellence is amplified by an engaging personality; he demonstrates passion and inner conviction in everything he does.
Ron Elowitz, Design Management Professional and University Educator

Design Thinking - Innovation - Lean Startup - Agile - Lean - Six Sigma - DFSS - Shainin Methods


If you could be transported into the future, imagine the advantage you would have to innovate in today's world. Learn techniques to transport your mind into the future.
  • Root Cause Graphical Pattern Analysis
Lloyd Diagrams are graphical data patterns that can identify root causes of product and transactional issues. Presented at the ASQ World Conference in Anaheim.

Speech Topics Include:

Bob is a Stanford trained innovator and change agent, passionate about leading strategic initiatives that drive firms to excel in achieving their goals through the deployment and successful application of leading edge practices across consumer products, retail, financial services, telecom, medical devices and non-profits on an international basis with an impact of over $2 billion.

Bob has held Global Director and Senior Consultant positions at Motorola, Verizon, CitiGroup, Ocwen Financial, Johnson & Johnson, Kyocera, BlackBerry and others. Over his career, he has created, deployed and managed enterprise training programs, as well as taught thousands of employees in Design Thinking, Lean, Six Sigma, Design for Six Sigma, Lean Startup, Agile Design and Shainin Methods.

He has also led new product and service development efforts, including leading a team    of engineers in breaking the Japanese trade barrier in electronics, going on to beat all       5 Japanese competitors in cost, quality, performance and on-time delivery to become the #1 seller of radios in Japan. As Director of Reliability, Bob developed an accelerated life test that saved Motorola over $1 billion. For his contributions, he was inducted to Motorola's Science Advisory Board (top 1% of engineers based on peer review).

Outside of work, Bob has served as Chairman of the Board of the South Florida Science Museum & Aquarium, as well as creating and directing a program for Palm Beach County Schools to motivate "at risk" students to pursue STEM educations and careers. In recognition, Bob received Motorola's Volunteer of the Year award.

He is a licensed US Patent Agent with 13 issued patents. His contribution to pop culture is the score info display seen in the corner of all televised sporting events.

Bob holds an MBA, McHRM and BSME as well as a Professional Certificate in Innovation from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and attended executive education in Corporate Strategy at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management.

Bob's certifications include: Motorola MBB, Villanova Lean Sensei, ASQ Manager of Quality & Organizational Excellence, ASQ Black Belt,  SAFe 4 Agilist, Scrum Master, Design Thinking Practitioner, and Kaizen Workout-Innovation Boot Camp Facilitator.

Applicable Training Areas:

Robert Lloyd
President, Lloyd Consulting Group
  • Time Travel & Innovation
Capturing and reframing customer unmet needs to bust current paradigms and create disruptive innovation
  • Design Thinking & Disruptive Innovation
A look at how leading firms fell to paradigm shifts and how companies can recognize and survive future shifts
  • Paradigm Shifts & Corporate Survival
  • Before Six Sigma - The Untold Story from the Tip of the Spear
In 1981, when US firms were being decimated by Japanese competition, Motorola decided to do a Jimmy Doolittle style raid and broke the Japanese trade barrier in electronics. To do that it had to improve its product reliability 6X from 36K hrs MTBF to 208K hrs MTBF to meet NTT requirements. Motorola's Paging team implemented many practices that would be released  6 years later as Six Sigma. It further drove reliability to 1.04M hrs MTBF (29X improvement) allowing it to beat all 5 Japanese competitors in cost, quality, performance and on-time delivery to become the #1 seller of Pagers in Japan. Hear the true story of how that Motorla Paging Team achieved the 29X improvment that led to the creation of Six Sigma.